Introduction: You, Me and Coffee.

Are you lost? Or were you looking for someone else over here? Perhaps an accidental push of some strange link? Because I am quite affirmative that no one on my blog landed here by intention. Nevertheless, I appreciate your goof and wish you all the best similar blunders in the future.

I am an utmost normal person trying to get through life and world. The uncertainty of human nature beguiles me, maybe more than it should. To think of all the pages we’ve written in history, words upon words, the romance of it all, now lost to time, and then us right now, scaring the earth, the earth that was meant to be walked on lightly. And then the peculiar human nature and it’s absolute lunacy where lives are concerned, lives such as those of the childern in Syria, in Gaza, in Yemen and in Kashmir.

Do you ever really think how easy God has it for you? A country where the WiFi works, where money and food are guaranteed and your family and friends don’t have to say their final precautionary goodbyes each night. We all have so much to thank, and we get indulged in our stupid fairytales so much that we forget the favours of Lord and how He has us better than the other.

So which of the favours of the Lord will you deny?” (Surah Rehman, Al-Quran)

And then, in these little infinites, we forget. We forget those children whos smiles have been theived, the mothers who’s blood have gone dry and those fathers who’s arms hold up the bodies of their young sons, crying out to the world, but who is there to listen? For if I go and have this conversation with a radom person, he’ll most probably say, “Ahh…ahh lets just discuss the weather.” You know. It’s more sunny and happy.

We’ve turned into a global village of birds that take flight at the littlest of bang. We pretend that the evil we can’t look at the eye, doesn’t exist. We sing lullabies to our horrors. A shameful mess of mankind, a global kichri*.

I am here to raise my voice against that. I am very well aware of my lack of qualification, about the worthlessness of my age and the shallowness of my knowledge. But I know enough to speak up.

In this account, I will share news and many secrets about Syria. I will speak about Kashmir, Yemen, Palastine. I will tell the few people who are willing to listen, how Islam is beautiful and perfect, how it is not what the ISIS and the Terrorists portray. Amd one day, I’ll publish a book along the way and donate it to these countries. One day. One day, inshallah.

So, hello and welcome to my blog. I am a seventeen-year old girl from Pakistan, one of the world’s most beautiful and underestimated countries. I rant, I take pictures, edit them, rant a bit more, write a paragraph of a book I’m working on, eat, pray, rant, sleep and dream-rant. And then repeat.

If you would like to see what I am here to share, please follow me, but keep in mind that I will most definitely offend you.

Until then, peace people.




(*kichri |noun|urdu| literally, a dish of rice which the mom makes to destroy everyone’s day. Figuratively, a mess.

*Image is orginal and copyright protected)



5 thoughts on “Introduction: You, Me and Coffee.

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, mainly because if you hadn’t, I probably never would have found yours. You are an excellent writer and your topics are thought provoking. I’ve decided to follow you. Watching young writers develop is something I enjoy, and I think your voice comes through very clearly. Please keep up the good work!

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