Today’s terrorists attack- a Muslim’s POV

Waking up to find the news on another terrorists attack this time in London, England, all I could do was sigh and get up for life. Oh, just another day where the media would blast out allegations at my religion and random people on the street would scream at my fellow brothers and sisters in the West. Another day of verbal abuse, instagram littered with Anti Muslim sediments and foul language. Oh sigh. How exciting to get out of bed!


But as I made my way into the bathroom, I couldn’t help wondering: why? Why all these accusations by people who haven’t read the Quran? Of course, you’ll say that all terrorists are Muslims, implementing that Islam is a dangerously menacing religion, but how many actually know?


How many actually know that the verse of Quran others so easily quote at us are for war times, rather than peace days? The verse which tells one to kill all Non Muslims, do people actually know that it was revealed at the time the Muslims of Medina were going through their first war? And what do you do during war…Certainly not sit down on a picnic blanket and preach love, not when the other person is waving a sword at your face! No, you have to fight back for yourself, for your family, and for Allah. This is Jihad, defending yourself, defending the religion of Allah, working purely for the sake of Allah!


No, Jihad is more than “Tick tock boom!”


I know how dreadful you feel because of the attack on Ariana Grande concert, I know you have that angry lava boil up within you because of the recent London Bridge attack. I have myself survived three similar, if not more deadly, attacks with nothing more than a nightmare that haunts me now and then (ha! It takes more than three grenades and a couple of gun carrying fools to kill me x D ) But you know who feels worse? That kid who is going to get bullied today in school because of what another person sinned is feeling worse. That man who will get the stares from his coworkers because of his beard, that women who covers her head to please Allah alone is feeling worse. The person praying in public, the person fasting, they are feeling it all sadness, terror, and a sense of insecurity. All those who wake up today and realise their in for a week of abuse, accusations and harassments they too, feel worse. Because know that they will indeed be bullied today, and they will indeed be harassed the next day, the next week, even the next month, all because of people who are too willing to share their opinion on Islam, but know nothing other than what Google tells them.


You know who the major victims of these “terrorists” attacks are? Do you know that these so-called “Muslims” target Muslims themselves more than any other group? In Pakistan, a total of 350,000 people have been murdered alone by these attacks, between 2001 to 2009. And the number is only rising. We, as a nation, have seen far worse than many. The APS attack, December 2014 killed 132 children and burnt the Principal alive. That’s 133 families ruined within an hour. In your home, they target concerts and bridges, do you know what they target in my home? They attack schools, they go for our Masjids, they come at our public parks and malls, even the streets are not free. Oh, and did I forget to mention those “good drones” of America( which, by the way, is currently bombing seven countries but course that’s good and not terrorism!) that kill dozens innocents each day in our north Western province?


And it’s not just Pakistan, go around the globe, you’ll find every Muslim country a subject to these terror attacks. Take Afghanistan, take Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, take any Muslim country. We have seen more than the others ever will in a time of twenty years.


Will you still label us as terrorists?


Can you imagine the insecurity a Muslim women feels, the eyes on her as she walks and whispers around her as she talks? Can you imagine how horrid it would be, to feel as if anyone could lash out on you for your faith? A conversation and you know that the other person is only interested in your head covering and finds it disturbing! Can you hear her eyes as they plead for the world to listen, to know that this is not her Islam, that her religion teaches peace and nothing other than peace? And if a person forces this girl to take off her scarf, and calls her a “Muslim filth”, then are you quite sure as to who’s the terrorists in this scene?


The shower water is hot today the hot that burns deep till the heart. No, I certainly stand by the victims of the London Bridge attack. I grieve with them. I share and understand their sorrow on a personal level. But I can’t help fearing the tomorrow for my real Ummah, who will be the victims of this attack’s after shock, for the voice of Islam that is turning feeble with the passing second, and is being buried under a pile of lies, and lies upon lies. You can hear it protesting against the crime of fabrication being done against it, but the voice  it’s so feeble. So weak that I fear it might be wiped out all together if the real Muslims don’t take a stand and change its faith.


At this point, my entire skin feels numb, I want to open my mouth and speak out against the unjust ways of the world, I want someone, anyone to listen to the dying out voice, but my lips can’t move, I can’t order them to open for its Ramadan, and I am fasting.


My sympathies and wishes with the sufferers of this gruesome attack. My sympathies and wishes also with those who are opening their eyes to another, horrible day, all because of accusations.


My sympathies this time, only sympathies- with those who judge a religion without having read a word from its Book.


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