Rahma Warsame


A vial term, so openly practiced in today’s lifestyle. 

Yesterday, in Columbus, Ohio, Rahma Warsame, a Muslim female, was beaten unconscious by a white male, that too for defending another Muslim women from harassment, as per Columbus Chapter of American-Islamic Relations.

The attacker even yelled, as witnesses told afterwords, the following words of hatred at the two women:

You will all be shipped back to Africa!”

Rahma Warsame had intervened to break up another fight- it you would call it that- between the alleged attacker and another Muslim Women. She was beaten bloody, till left unconscious, with facial fractures and broken teeth. I am sorry, I know this might be disturbing, but her picture is attached below:


The attacker had reportedly made repetitive offensive statements against the Muslims in the past. According to the witnesses, he was released without charge after an interview with the police.

CAIR-Columbus held a press conference the following afternoon, denouncing it as a hate crime and demanding investigation by the police department. An activists group “Yes We Can” has issued a similar statement.

But will any of these investigations be of fruit? Will these harassments actually stop? One week before, two men were killed, yes, they were murdered, and a third was left brutally injured in the same place, and a similar scene: a white male harassing a Muslim women.

This is the 1,094th hate crime reported since Trump was elected. Since then, the Black and the Muslims have been targeted over and over again, with the old Muslim mosques burnt down, even some Jewish graves have been desecrated.

We need to take a stand against all of this hatred and blood. We need to spread love, as per the teaching of Jesus, known to me as Prophet Essa (Peace Be Upon Him) , as per the teachings of Moses, known to me as Prophet Musa (Peace Be Upon Him) , and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Because isn’t that the basis of each religion? To give what you have to the universe and spread love in the little deeds you do- a smile to the orphan on the road corner, a big order from the shoeless boy selling balloons, a big tip to the Pizza man. This is all of our religion – love, compassion, and humanity above anything. What good does the colour of your skin do to you, if your heart is charcoal black? Who will you impress with your hand colour on the Day of Judgement? The angels? The Lord? He don’t want your hand to be fair and lovely.

These racist, they are turning bolder than they were. And they will turn more and more bolder, until we, the common man, take a stand. We make nations, we make humanity. If there is to be a change, let it start with. Donate, if you can, for Rahma at the link given below:-




May Allah have mercy on her soul. Amen.

(General question: I am personally no pro feminist, but where the hell are the feminist on this? And does this not classify as a terror attack?)


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