A Forgotten Story

(all due respect to Makkah, Madina and the general people, I only have a problem with the government)

Today, I want to talk to you about four common names with quite uncommon stories. I am sure you have never heard of them before, neither did you hear much about what happened to them. A rumour, perhaps, or a flying whisper. But never enough to investigate. Don’t worry, we’re in this collaborating schizophrenic disorder together. Let me introduce you to them: the Beker children, Ismail, Zakaria, Ahed, and Mohamed.

What happened to them took place about two years ago- enough time to safely seal the story beneath dirt and lies, and for the world to move in towards bigger problems. That’s progress, after all, right? Four lives – four murders. We’ve seen worse, hm?

A mother who loses all of her four children in one day – what about her? Why didn’t anyone mourn her loss? Why weren’t their any interviews of the grieved parents? No court case, no questions , everything forgotten almost hurriedly.

The truth is – the Palestinian names and stories are easily turned a blind eye to, in a world where the media, the news, the magazines -everything in short- is controlled, directly or indirectly, by the Jews.

But where is the world on this? I have yet never seen the UN do anything worth appreciation regarding Palestine – in fact, I haven’t seen the UN do anything worldwide regarding peace ( a puppet show to mute the conscience of those left human enough). There hasn’t been any reports, no protests, no worldwide organisations, no questions asked – nothing.

Today, we give the Beker children their stolen moment of silence and remembrance. This moment that they deserved, but never got.

From an article from Al Jazeera,


“They were playing football on the beach on a sunny day – a brief respite from a childhood in Gaza which is innately characterised by oppression, fear, and violence – when an Israeli shell fell on their game.
Journalists nearby, who themselves were playing football with the children just a few minutes before, witnessed the carnage.
They testified that no military activities were present in the area, but regardless, the Israeli military held Palestinian fighters responsible for the incident – stating they were the intended target.”


They’re not the first.

They’re certainly not the last.

What’s terrifying is that these Beker children could have been my brothers. They could have been my best friends. They could have been yours. Anyone of us could have lost our lives in a moment of pure bliss, during a zealous kick of the football and the triumph felicity after a goal.

I would like to drive this event towards our today’s news. Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Lovely countries, both filthy rich in money and oil, but not one generous enough to donate. Oh, but caring enough to fuel wars, the one in Yemen, the one in Syria, and now, it’s Qatar that’s public enemy no 1.

(fact: the Christians and the Europeans, despite the racism, are doing more than us. Who is welcoming the refugees? Not it’s neighbouring countries, but them. Massive respect.)

Do they even realise how many real problems exist outside the world of an internet statement? And they are accusing Qatar, the only arab country where Islam is preached  (you can’t preach Islam in Saudia, you can’t give a lecture on Islam, the scholars like Nauman Ali Khan, Mufti Menk never head to SaudiArab, but Doha. Go figure), want to know who the read funders are?

Saudi Arabia and the gulf states, the deserts which sell their entire oil to America, are the real funder of terrorism, for their money and oil pumped into the ISIS stores.

America, who’s heavy cargo loaded planes time and time again “crash” in ISIS areas, giving the technology not known to the sword carrying Berbers, is the real funder.

And Israel, let me not start on Israel.

Beat me. Tell me that they’re  supporting the “good rebels”. As children, we learnt about wars and kingdoms, about the good prince that gets to slay the evil queen, and how they end up happily ever after. Beautiful, but not real. Don’t fool yourself for a minute, saying that it’s all “for the greater good”. There’s no goodness in wars. Just one evil against another.

Because you can’t really tell a bomb : “dude, this guy’s good, don’t kill him. Only the bearded fella, okay?” No, that bomb doesn’t do human language, it’s not going to politely avoid the good guys and get the bearded fella. Is it then worth it to kill a terrorist at the cost of an innocent life?

I just want to say that there are problems in the world which are worth a serious military action – problems worth a boycott, a closure of borders and political measures. The Baker’s blood demands justice. Omran Daqneesh’s eyes demand it, too. The baby boy on the shores of the sand needs it, and these are just the crust of the glacier, a drop of water in all the oceans of the world. There are countless stories, numerous children, scores of families upon families who have been wronged and their voices buried deep down, their loss never compensated, their grief never heard. All this real life – and what do the Arabs choose to react against? Mere accusations and statements.

The Beker children must be laughing at them.

All that oil, all that Muslim money, lost like the water out of a busted dam. Being lost, currently, in a stupid (yes, stupid) race to build the largest buildings, to buy cars and have twenty wives (only four are allowed in Islam), to all this gold and glitter.

In the Arabs case, too much of a goodness is turning into a sin.

At this point, I am expected to say something motivational, something which sounds like “ Go Muslims! Lets unite, Man! Go us, yeah!”, but I can’t make myself lie over and over again, we Muslims will never unite, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) made that clear in his life. We’ll never better ourselves. Never unite, those Islamic conferences you hear about? Another puppet show, where the only worthwhile discussion is “ why the **** did you make me sit next to this country’s prime minister?”.

But I wish we could stop for a moment and acknowledge where we stand, where we came from, and the hell we’re moving towards. A moment, only a moment, to recall the Beker children, to recall Omran Daqneesh and Alan Kurdi and the dozens of other victims, all children, all underaged. I don’t blame the Israeli for the deaths. I won’t ask America to stop all of this, to ISIS to go home and the taliban to take it chill.

No, I blame this blood on myself, on my family, on my nation, and the world’s real Muslims. We, the people who are too weak to stand up against evil, who would rather hide behind the safety of home and pretend that the war is too far away. We’re to blame, and we’ll be the ones whom Allah will call to question on the day of Judgement, why did you turn into deaf dumb animals?

And as to the Arabs, they’re bringing their destruction upon themselves.



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