Muted Volume

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I watch her, that mother who cradles her child,

On the screen, the reporters mute her volume,

She holds the little one gently, but take a look at her eyes,

And behold: a wild fire,the mayhem of a typhoon,

From that hickory brown cliff comes a song, louder than voice,

An untamed storm’s dance to a raging tune,

For they demand a childhood, for the little one who bleeds,

She was robbed of hers, they’ll rob him soon,

But I walk away, like you would’ve walked away, it’s alright, right?

Afterall, it’s that girl on the screen, not you.




3 thoughts on “Muted Volume

    1. That is, in general sense, the message. Caring and humanity and all the sentiments that we’ve lost. To be specific, it’s about the poor people, the beggars on the streets, the victims of the wars – all these humans for which we all feel a moment of remorse, but do nothing more.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post, and for the follow!! 🙂

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