Reply: do read if your comment here went unnoticed

Recently, I got a very lovely comment on my blog post “The Shoeless Kid“. I was typing a relpy on my new mobile when I accidentally clicked the delete button. I haven’t got a hang of writing using a mobile yet, and that might be why my thumb carelessly pressed the trash button.

I don’t remember the user name or anything. I am so sorry, who ever made that comment. I honestly am. So here was the reply that I was typing.

Thank you for your kind feedback on my blog. It is so delightful to finally meet a Pakistani here!

I, too, saw the footage of the sapphire shopping spree, and it was disgusting. Most of the women there wore pretty elegant clothes, it beguiles me, why they’d wear such beauties to a market and then shop for more. Human lust, it’s dreadful.. I’m sorry to say that my family took a part in that sale, but thank God that I didn’t go.

It is so reassuring to know that there are people out there who are working for humanity…even more to know that such people are present in Pakistan. I would love to help you for this cause of yours, it’s beyond heart warming. Unfortunately, money is the only way I can contribute. The idea to tag along seems great, only that I have a billion entry tests for various colleges this year (and anyways, permission can be difficult for a 17 year old girl 😁) You’re doing such a noble duty, I wish you all the best for it.

I’ll remember you and the people who help you in this cause, in my prayers. Do remember me, too.

If you’re the one who left that message, please leave a comment below. I would love to check out your blog.

And a reminder: I have alot of topics I want to blog about atm (such as the recent developments in Palastine), but I’m on a haitus till I get into some medical university. A month more, I presume.


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