Comments, Words and Palastine: No I’m Okay.

There come days when life hits you so hard that every hill you ever transgressed is reduced to a pile of ashes, when you jump across rocks and tumble down from a pebble, and then life gets the last laugh (annd tust me, life looks every ugly while laughing. Kinda like that monstrous one of Voldemort. Creepy, and ugly as hell).  This deep fosse nearly breaks you from the impact of the ground and you shatter, turing yourself into a thousand, fragile fragments. Depressed and hurt over mere words. Saddened over how no one really listens.  Was it that the  words were too cruel, that they honed the hardcore heart, or were you (I) the one who was fragile to begin with?

I’m sorry. I know everyone goes through terrible, terrible emotions. That’s our weakness, the ability to feel, and to feel too much.  But I am selfish, let me not lie, and I feel the urgent need to pen down all the events of the week, for I have been holding on to it since Monday. But I’m a selfish human. I need to trouble others with my emotions. Anyways, its your choice, if you want to be troubled by them. You can always go “ah, a wild teenager! I remember when I had me days! Haha”. Your choice.

Let me take you back a week ago, when Masjid-al-Aqsa got metal detectors and Muslims were limited to enter their rightful worshipping place. Beacuse no, you cannot recite lines from an old book and tell the people to leave the place they own. You come as refugees to a land which a book says is yours, and it’s already inhabited. Yeah, okay, no problem, go share it with the locals! You don’t knock on their doors to take away their sons, you don’t burn down their homes, you don’t take away all that they made through sweat and blood. Because you know what that creates?


And if Hamas is as evil as it is claimed, then it’s not their fault that they were created, no, it’s Israelis though and through,

This all reminds me of East India Company, when the British entered via a trade excuse and gradually took over the United India. What precceded was chaos and upheavals, protests and loss of lives from both sides, but that’s what happens. You make the rebels when you oppress. History repeats itself. A man who has been robbed of his everything- he won’t care about his religion. He won’t think about humanity or the value of life or anything. No, he’s just a creation of destruction, a revenge machine, a stone is a nuclear weapon for him. This man has got this whole world massacred. Is right or wrong really a thing?

Metal detectors? Come on, metal detectors don’t detect rocks! You need to put metal detectors to detect the murdering weapons carried around by the barbaric Israeli soilders, not the people.

There was a post on instagram regarding this development, where the admin used strong, offensive language and criticised the Muslims of Gaza for being terrorists. It shook me hard, the way this man was blinded. Where was his humanity? You can’t ever legalise the killing of the innocent, nor can you shun the upheaval of the theived. And then the language, oh was it pure! All vile nonsense about a religion that man was sterotype about. I had to leave a comment there, and I wish I could have screen shot it, but sadly it was removed.

Removed, but not quick enough to let my intsa flood with the following trash.



This man, this Zack something. I’ve never seen him. He doesn’t know me, and yet look at how he speaks. Are these words you use for a religion? For any general opinion? And then, he goes further, he doesn’t stop here. He tags me in a Muslim meme, and then in this offensive video with the following message.


Call me a baby for not being used to this language. I’m sorry, I’m not. I have to be honest, I was hurt more than I can possibly explain. It tore me, the extent of this guy’s stupidity and foul words. He didn’t discuss a single topic, he wasn’t in the mood for that. All he did was use this language and talk this s**t.

You see, I live in a protected environment. I know people get this type of s**t every day, especially the Muslims living in the West. But this was new to me. The man wasn’t infront of me, and after the fifth spam, I blocked him. But there is no block in real life. You can’t block the voices of the people. You can’t pretend that those stares don’t exist. And at the end of the day, those words will come back to haunt you, like those comments taunt me, that no matter how hard you’d try, there are still dunces that are just not willing to hear.

This man was a Jew. He was supposed to be cruel, that nation is notorious for it. What disturbed me more was a similar comment from a Christian. (No SC here. I assume blocked me due to my reply.)

I have always regarded Christianity with respect. I love some of the things they do and the peace they preach. You see, Islam and Christianity have a lot in common. We cover our heads, just like its mentioned in the Bible  (and the Bible has some every hard verses on this). We bow down, just like Jesus did while praying to God. There are parallelisms everywhere between these two religions. And if someone offended Jesus, mind I don’t care if they refer to the Islamic Jesus or Christian one, I’ll stand in the very front in the protest against it.

And then the response form the Christians can put one down. I can’t judge the religion, but this man was awfully mean. He wasn’t was brutal as the other person, for there was a definite lack of swear words. But the meaning were the same. This was where the pebble came from, this was what made me a selfish teenager.  To think, I planned to write something for the Muslims and I ended up making others dissect my religion.

Guilt. Sadness. Frustration. Was all that my fault, that Islam was criticised so awfully? I’ve felt an amalgam of emotions for the past week, all of them mixed with remorse. Maybe, if I hadn’t commented, then such things wouldn’t have been said about Islam. Maybe. Maybe

Words, guy, words. They’re the sword that reaches the deepest, and they leave wounds that pain even the hardest among us. Be careful with them. Your tounge is not just a lobe of flesh, its your most lethal weapon. Because we’re humans.

And no human has a hard heart.

It took me half an hour to type this. I wish I could write more, but I have a test tomorrow. Student life, it’s so difficult.


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