That blocked road

Its been six days since I’ve arrived home, four days since my college test and one year since it’s rained. When you’ve studied from four in the morning to two in the night (*sigh* the things we medical students go through), it takes more than fifty six hours to regain the normal functioning of the human brain,  add twenty four more for the sake of jet lag. But today, after almost two months, I can finally relax and live – not just metaphorically but literally live. And lucky me, nature choose today for the yearly pour. Right now I’m under the shelter of my roof, my hair dishevelled, my clothes soaked and my feet muddy, but atleast, my hands are clean (dear me, no touching the tab with dirty fingers!) and my mind is functional.

Is that a good sign? For my brain keeps on going back four days, when my parents were having a fit. They had just picked me up from my test, and came back to find all the routes to home blocked. Humongous containers sprang up on some roads, others were choked to a deadlock by some other hurdle placed somewhere along. It confused me, why block Karachi, the most busiest city, that too, on such a short notice (pardon me. Short notice? I meant no notice), no suprise, i was behind on politics. And as Baba (daddy) filled me on the recent turn re America, Trump’s accusations, and the outrage which threathend a protest near the American Embassy (and hence the containers and the standstill). And though out my Baba’s explanation, I felt a part of me scream internally, a part demanding research and a blog post, but then, there was another procrastinating part which just grunted this off (ah, don’t we all have this part?).

Let me be blunt: my hatred for Trump and his government has just reached it’s brink.

Alright, so that orange man and his people gave a bill a titled “the Pakistan State Sponsor of Terrorism Designation Act”. (Breathe, man.)  In which there was written

“From harboring Osama bin Laden to its cozy relationship with the Haqqani network, there is more than enough evidence to determine whose side Pakistan is on in the War on Terror. And it’s not America’s.”

(Breathe, chill, okay. Okay.)

 “Not only is Pakistan an untrustworthy ally, Islamabad has also aided and abetted enemies of the United States for years.”

Alright, let me just hault and laugh at the very ludicrous idea in that statement.

All of you people out there who depend on Google Knowledge re Pakistan will, of course, claim that all of this rubbish makes sense, China’s support if Pakistan to be “Ohh a plot to cripple American supremacy” and India to be a loveable state which is “fighting terrorism in Kashmir” against “bad extremists who throw dangerous rocks at armed Indian soilders omg so noble!”. And if you think like that, then please exit right now. Im not a fan of blind slaves.

I would just like to ask Trump: How can a state that sponsors terrorism itself accuse another state- another stater which hardly has enough money to feed the starving children in Thar and shelter the homeless kids on nearly every streets, let alone sponsor terrorism – how tf can you?

Let me tell you what terrorism is, if the Google failed you on this.

Terrorism is bombing the shit out of Seven countries in the world, countries who don’t even have the equipments to defend themselves, let alone directly offend your country, countries that did nothing at all to you, all they did was iffer Islam and peace.

Terrorism is keeping Doctor Affia Siddiqui locked up in Goutnambo bay, the cruelest if all prisons, keeping her from knowing anything aboyt her missing childern. Terrorism is killing her smallest child when you arrest her and not revealing anything to her family or friends- all this, all of this shit, just for a fabricated reason.

It is supporting murdering states like India and Israel, but accusing a country which has done nothing but help you and itself.

Its making childern orphans and bombing the hell out of their homes, and then banning the refugees.

Its hating a religion, a skin colour and a new culture. (Infact, no one should be suprised at Trump’s statement, like, a man who can’t see the racist terrorism, all that white-black nonsense, how the hell will he correctly recognise international issues? Is you own country stable enough for you to charge out on others?)

Do you guys get a clear image of terrorism?

I’m pretty sure that America is the terrorists state over here, not Pakistan.

And yeah, about this:

During an interview with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper earlier this year, then-Republican frontrunner Trump termed Pakistan “a vital problem” for the US. “Because they have a thing called nuclear weapons” he said, adding, “They have to get a better hold of the situation.”

Tweet after Lahore blast

Following the suicide blast in Lahore which killed at least 74 people in March, Trump had tweeted: ‘I alone can solve’.

He had later explained his tweet saying, “When I see they [the attackers] put it [the bomb] in a park and there were mostly Christians although many others were killed…I think it is absolutely a horrible story.”

“But I am talking about radical Islamic terrorism. I will solve it better than anyone else running,” he had said.

Sweetheart, that episode was one in a million- like a million in actual numbers. That blast was awful, it killed Pakistanis, Christian or Muslim. But it was one in a full ocean of drops. Who dies in the majority of these attacks? Ahem, Mulsims. You can’t take one incident and say “Ohhh yasss, see? I told ya they’re going for Christians!” I’m sorry, but buddy, they’re going for Pakistanis, not Christians.

( I am so happy that my countries people stand up as Pakistani and not Muslim or Hindu or Christians, unlike *ahem* some country.)

Being a naval kid has its pros, you can’t ever take any nonsense on your forces. Baba has told me stories if the army personnels who had died during Pakistans fight against terrorism, during Zarb-e-Azab while containing the rebels from Afghanistan, all the Shuhada of that war, and it’s not the last one. Scores of our soilders have died fighting terrorism, and I am beyond proud of them. Trump can take away their honour by claiming that Pakistan is “sponsoring terrorism” and all, but I’m sure no one has time to listen to his bullshit.

I’m glad America is stopping its aid, it’s time Pakistan got out of debt and stood for itself. And as for banning us visas, well, no one here is really desperate to live in a racist country, atleast, I’m not.

At the end of our conversation, my father had told a sleepy me “Its all for our nuclear weapon. America is wiping out Muslim states, one at a time, and Pakistan is by far the hardest target.” Solution? Twist the events and isolate the country, make the world believe that you’re fighting terrorism against a state that’s fighting terrorism. Genius.

Here’s another Trump’s statement:

During an interview with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper earlier this year, then-Republican frontrunner Trump termed Pakistan “a vital problem” for the US. “Because they have a thing called nuclear weapons” he said, adding, “They have to get a better hold of the situation.”

And like Baba said, it’s all for the nuclear weapon.


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