When will this stop?

Today, I finally read about the Rohingya Muslims. About the atrocities committed against them. About the evilness in the world. And those barbaric Buddhist, people who wouldn’t dare harm an insect, but are willing to crush the little fingers of children by running them over with a motorcycle  (and yes, that has taken place. A row of Muslim children, their arms stretched out, their eyes opened in fear, as they gawk at the man who approach them on his monstrous bike.)
I’ve seen videos back from 2008-9, when it first began to happen. I was a child back then, and had peeped over my father’s laptop as I witnessed the first burning ever: a dark women, ignited from head to feet, her mouth opened in a muted scream. She was a burning coal. Her screams could have shaken the hearts of hell. There were many people out there, some held up thier mobiles, some just stared. Not one helped her.

It was a week till I could sleep without waking up to those dark, blurred eyes made hazy beyond the wall of fire.

And it’s actually happening, just like in 2008. Babies greeting death before their first birthday, men cut into two and left to bleed to their death, women being raped and then casted aside to burn. This is no dystopian novel’s tale. This is the world of 2017. We can go on with our lives, pretending that its not real, that its far from home. But it is. For some of us, this is life. Waking up to terror, men who would be willing to break all rules for a revenge you have nothing to do with. Being insure about your today. Every second being counted, wondering what they’ll do next, and how far you would survive.

Rejected by the country they’ve been patriotic about, rejected by the neighbors who share the same religion, rejected by the world who’s media has better, “happier” things to discuss, such as the recent football match! So happy, now, eh?

There’s an Angel, then there’s a Devil. And then, there’s Human. He’s the most ruthless, the most hateful of the lot. And now look at the irony of the language he commutes with, how he calls being kind and compassionate as “humanity“. That word deserves to be wipped off human history, it was never there to begin with.

I’m sorry. I’m being wrong. But today, I found the same question that beguiled the Angels. I’ve seen that question on the faces of those kids who awaited the crack that pronounces broken bones. I’ve seen it on the faces of the Rohingya Muslims wretched on a rocking boat, no where to return to, the sky their roof and the furious ocean their floor. They had their eyes drawn tight as if it would make the nightmare end, hands stretched towards the blue sky. Ya Allah, Raham,the caption below read . It beguiled me, it made me cry. I stopped watching the pictures. I had to.


Why make this barbaric monster? Why create a being more violent then the Devil himself? If this is the cost of our being alive, then I wish we all never breathed. All those pages of history never written, the jurassic period being the end of time and space. An eternal state of nothingness for our souls. A blackness that would never end. It would have been better. Better than watching some suffer, and some rejoice. And then, in that spontaneous burst of emotions, I wished us all death. If the bad don’t deserve life, then so don’t the good, for being weak enough to let the bad regime. A curse to humanity. To me,.myself.( Haha I feel so evil rn)

And then, I recalled what Allah had answered the Angels, and for a moment, it felt like that answer spoke to me as well. Quoting an Aayah of Quran (i don’t remember the reference, and am too lazy to look it up )

He (Allah) knows that which you know not.”


I wonder what the UN thinks about this. Or the Saudi government and that new Muslim joint forces (which can’t protect the Muslims, 34 countries joint together to..what? Show off? Flaut their “unity”? Another stage drama set up to convince those who are still alive. Muslims annoy me alot, I am one myself, but sometimes, I cant help feeling that much of the hardships that come on us are because of our own follies). Not much, I presume. They’re too busy helping their imaginary friends in the la la land of cotton candy.
All that I can say is that hell must be hell lotta hot. And I can currently picture many people who deserve that sort of hottness.

Pray for these people. They need it more than anything.

Below is a site where donations are being rounded up for Rohingya. Please check it out, and spread the word.



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