Yes, it was fake. We all know that by this point.

Nevertheless,  let’s be human. It’s a fact that people died that day, a hoax or not. 2,976 Americans. 2,976 families. They were the victims of a devious drama, no one should go through what they did that day. No one deserves to die like that: in a moment of pure preoccupation, with no idea of what lies ahead.

But that’s death, right? A hanging sentence. An unexpected full stop. An incomplete

(An incomplete..what? That’s death)

So let us give them a moment of silence. I say this from the depths of my hearts humanity: they didn’t deserve what happened to them. Their families didn’t deserve this. It was a vile attempt at engraving the false label of “terrorism” at the Muslims, and two thousand Americans had to be the stage puppets.

You know who else didn’t? (Ah, you knew I’d come to this, nah?)

The 48,644 Afghan women, men and children who payed the price didn’t.

The 1,690,903 Iraqis (the number is more than doubling, right?) displaced, stranded and strapped the label of terrorism from a state that sponsors terrorism didn’t.

The 35,000 people of my Pakistan who were massacred by automated jets, who had to hear their children scream from beneath the rumbles of cement and rocks, knowing that they were completely helpless, that they could do nothing but  wait till the voices beneath the rubble became more and more feeble to eventually burn out, they, Wallah,  didn’t.

It seems unfair, doesn’t it? All these families dying an oblivion, but us recalling only the few two thousand? Let’s not be racist.

Today, when you remember those Americans, pray don’t forget the Iraqis, the Afghans or the Pakistanis. Hell, don’t forget the Syrians, the Yemeni, or the Burma Muslims.

Your horrible, horrible life? Your depression? Little feelings, society pressures, words of your friends or families that cut you bad? Belive me, they’re nothing. There are people out there who would give everything to live the imperfections you live.

As for those who still think 9/11 was “real“, well, go back to your fairy tale sleep. This world is too dangerous for you.

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