About the author

I am a seventeen-year-old Muslim girl living in Pakistan, the world’s most beautiful country. I used to write on wattpad under the name “SZJAY_o1” until I realized that wattpad is not copyright protected, since then I’ve scribbled words in the pages of my journal and stories on the back of my biology notebook.

If you have read any one of my blogs, you’d think that I’m an excessively angery person, which is absurb beacuse I’m not. I have just an ability to feel the things which must be ignored. I am an extrovert who has gone thorough alot to come here -and I mean alot. I’ve been bullied, had snake friends, lost great ones, seen bombs and blasts, seem death a bit too many times, had my heart razored and turned into the mess it is today. But I emerged as another person – someone ready to speak up, someone who no longer gives a sh*t to what the society says. A person with a social life too big to handle, with friends who care and people who actually love me. A person with an aim.

It took fifteen years, but here I am, another personality altogether.

I aspire to rejuvenate the lost sediments of humanity and kindness, of truth and the high values of honour and mortality. My prime aim is to spread awareness about the war struck countries and to the tell the brainwashed people how beautiful Islam is, and how different it is from the religion portrayed by ISIS or the Taliban.

A long way to go, but slow and steady wins the race.

Peace, people.


Instagram: the_rebel1o1

E-mail: the_rebel1o1@yahoo.com